Thursday, March 21, 2013

Meet The Greek, Brighton Le Sands

Meet the Greek is undeniably one of the best restaurants I've been for Greek food. I'm in love with the cuisine but it's just that there is no Greek place near my house. It's such a shame. This quest for Greek food brought me to a part of Sydney that I have never been to before. Definitely a bit freaky at night. But the food was totally worth it. 

Inside, the whole place was packed out. So glad that we even had the chance to snag a table. Everyone was white or Greek or Lebo, yes, for once I have felt out of place. 

Taramosalata x Melitzanosalata x Tzatziki x Skordalia
All good stuff. Ditch whatever preconceptions you may have coming from those tubs you get at the groceries. This is definitely nothing like it- so freeeeeeeeesh. 

Spanakopita- $14
spinach & feta & home-made filo pastry

Oktapodi- $16
marinated and char-grilled with oregano
and lathelomono sauce
Massive legs of octopus grilled to perfection. I love the role of oregano in here, so flavourful. And with that squeeze of lemon, it was just heightened to a whole other level.

Greek Fries- $12
patatakia with crumbed feta, lemon, and oregano
One of the best plate of chips I've had. It's rather different from what I'm used to. That's it. Enough said.

Lamb Souvlakia Skewers- $8 each
Insanely succulent lamb chunks. They weren't tough at all and the yogurt dipping sauce was so great to compliment the dish as well.

Moussaka- $26
Greek classic, cooked &
served with Marouli

Moussaka is one of those belly heavy dishes that you'd love to come home to during the height of the winter season. A few spoons then it should satisfy your craving. 

Greek Beef Stew
I completely forgot what this was called seriously. It's a tomato-based stew. Fully fantastic and packed with loads of flavour. 


Meet the Greek
85 The Grand Parade,
Brighton Le Sands
9597 5062

Opening Hours
Monday- Saturday


Meet the Greek Website

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