Sunday, July 31, 2011

Making Banoffee Pie with My Little Monkey

I've been so hooked on Jack Johnson lately. Like really really hooked. He's not gorgeous, but he has such a fantastic kinda husky but soothing voice. Think a sweeter sort of lazier version of John Mayer.

You better listen to that song. It's lazy, it's sweet- it's a sweet lazy afternoon song.

..And I'd totally be listening to it again if I was making another pie.

Let's get rocking.

The making of great caramel.
Equal parts of condensed milk and cream.

In a pot. 
Keep stirring. 
Don't leave it or else it will burn and you'll regret it.

It will boil and sizzle, sizzle. 
Just keep stirring.

And when it reaches this color, 2 pinches of salt.
Plus, a big chunk of butter.
Yeah, I wasn't measuring- everything was to taste

So, get some overly ripe bananas.

Peel them.

Chop on a diagonal, make them look all pretty.

Blitz some graham crackers or digestive cookies.
It's the right consistency when it clumps together pretty well.

Butter a baking dish really well.
Pour your butter & graham mix.

Push it to the sides, make sure it's pretty flat and even.
Into the oven at 280C for 10 minutes.

That's my silly little monkey. 
She loves baking and she's really talented.
She likes making mocha cinnamon cookies.
With frosting.
Always with frosting.

After baking the crust, let it rest and cool for a bit.
Smear some caramel on the bottom.
Layer it up with your sliced bananas.
Some simple chocolate ganache.
Douse the whipped cream.
Monkey likes her whipped cream. 
That's if you're wondering why it's practically covered.

I whipped my cream with a lil bit of chocolate.
Then just drizzled some more caramel on top.
Sinfully delicious.

Can't wait for NOVEMBER to bake with my little monkey again!

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