Friday, July 15, 2011

Shi Lin, The Podium

Shi Lin is one of those places with a chef from China/Taiwan/Hong Kong, what have you? 

..And here are the interiors, nothing flashy.
It's fairly plain and simple with oriental influences.

This is a bowl of their peanut sesame noodles. Apparently, it's a dish that they're popular for. It's amazingly fragrant with peanut and sesame. Duh. It's really moist and at times too rich. The noodles have an unexplained fantastic bite to it. Sorta magical. And it sort of reminds me of a different take on a peanut butter sauce.

Who can forget the Xiao Long Bao that they're popular for? It's got an extremely delicate wrapper.
The soup inside is extremely nice and pure. Somehow, probably reminiscent of homemade ones!

Finally, there's mister tofu. Who can forget tofu? I love it. It's the most clean-tasting tofu I've ever had. 
It's light, chilled, homemade, and fresh! 
There's a simple soy sauce concoction and spring onions plus a few bonito flakes too.

Shi Lin 

3/F The Podium, ADB Ave. Ortigas Center
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila

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