Thursday, July 28, 2011

Masseto, Makati

The other night my mom, sister, brother and I had our regular start-of-the-weekend dinner, and we gave Masseto a try.

M is for Masseto. This reminded me of The Secret!

The place was pretty hard to find as there were no signs! See that red dot there? That's the M (as pictured above). That's the only way you'd know you were at Masseto! When we commented to the guard that there were no signs and that the place was hard to find, he said that there were purposely no signs because Masseto was "exclusive."*


See the wine wall?

My mom, ordering wine. 

I loved their butter, and the bread was so warm.

We all shared mushroom ravioli with stuffed with cheese and sprinkled with truffle shavings. Good, but Bellini's is better. :-)

And we also shared this chanterelle and cheese puff, topped with 5g of truffle. This was the first time I got to eat real truffles (and not just truffle oil). I expected it to be some awe-inspiring, life-changing experience... but it wasn't. I think I like portobello mushrooms more!

And we also shared this baked egg and chanterelle dish, topped with another 5g of truffle. I know I never put prices in my post (only Chloe is meticulous enough to note everything down) but I distinctly remember that this dish cost 890++. Call me cheap, but sometimes (or maybe even always, hehe) I can be really cheap, and I was pretty scandalized at the price! It was just an egg, with some chanterelles, and some truffle. I mean, really?  890++ for an egg?!

After appetizers, they served us mango sorbet

Then my sister had steak, which was pretty good, but Mamou's is better

And my brother, mom and I all ordered the same dish each-- roast chicken with 5g of truffles. I expected it to be amazing but it was very ordinary. I found it a little bit tacky of Masseto to be telling us just how many grams of truffle was in each dish. This cost 1000++ (okay, I know I sound really cheap now, but I can't help it) so I was expecting it to be like the best, most luxurious-tasting chicken the world had ever tasted. But it was just plain roast chicken. My yaya's chicken is even better! (Sorry, Masseto, I'm not a hater, but next time, if I feel like forking over money for a great meal, I'm definitely heading straight to Inagiku for wagyu and sashimi a la carte. Or better yet, I'll just be my usual cheap self and get great value for my money at Cyma!)

Bread pudding at 350++ (it's funny how well I remember prices when I'm scandalized!)

Molten chocolate cake with homemade honey ice cream at 390++. Okay, at least this one was worth it. That was a fair 390++ as the cake was so rich and gooey and the ice cream was lovely and homemade.

Overall, the service was fantastic (so nice and accommodating), the bathroom was fabulous, the interiors were luxurious. But the food was just okay, and it wasn't value for money. I guess this is a nice place to go if you want to try eating truffles. :)

Cheeeeers (an extra long "eeee" there to make up for all my complaining in this post),

*He said it in a very sweet way, as if he were almost embarrassed to say it. It made me feel (I would use "realize" instead of "feel" if I were more sure, but I'm not that sure. But I'm like 95% sure) that it was probably the management who trained him to give that reason. And I find it a little bit pretentious of them. I mean, come ON. How can a restaurant not put a sign? And the fact that the M looked like a bit like the logo of The Secret (the book) made it even a bit more pretentious. Is this supposed to be like a secret club? Like, are you trying to be like the Masons? 

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