Friday, July 29, 2011

Fantastic Coffee at Le Monde, Surry Hills

I've got quite the crazy schedule this semester. There's 9-7 Wednesdays. I find it totally repulsive especially since my class the next day starts at 9! But anyway, I've got this 2 hour break in between classes, and of course from all the design crit and stress, my friends and I want- more than anything- to slip away and relax. One of my friends, who happens to be a barista suggested this lovely place on Foveaux.

Oh BTW, it's one of the BEST places for coffee in Sydney.


There's the special board with all the lovely sounding things on it. 
The cococoffee station.

Stella's lentil, pumpkin, rocket, and halloumi salad. She loved it, especially the pan-fried halloumi. Never knew you loved halloumi that much, Stel. 

This was Rory's BLT. Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato. When he likes something, he just sticks to it. He's that type of person. From what I could tell, the lettuce was just pretty much thrown in there, without cutting or slicing, and he had a hard time eating. He made a MESS.

Oh, we made a new friend that day, his name is Tobias and he's from Denmark. Pretty cool. He had a poached chicken sandwich with rocket on sourdough. He said it was good.

This was Adara's sinful brownie. It was the richest thing. Full on chocolate explosion. It's had a nice consistency, almost like undercooked cake batter. I reckon it might've been a flourless brownie. 
YUM and decadently SINFUL.

As for me, Banana and date bread with a side of Greek yog and honey. I've never put yog on my banana bread, or any fruit loaf for that matter. Gotta tell you, it's something I've been missing out on. The bread was so good, just the perfect amount of sweetness and you'd obviously taste the dates and bananas. YUM.

Who puts sugar in their hot choc? Well, Sarita does. She's MAD.

Just a skinny cap for me! I love how they've doused it with so much cocoa powder. Oink. 
Coffee was amazing.

Le Monde

83 Foveaux Street
Surry Hills, 2010

Monday-Friday, 6.30am-4.30pm
Saturday, 7.30am-2pm;

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