Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Banapple, Katipunan

That's my MUSCULAR sister.
The folks over in the Ateneo have been going loco over Banapple the past few years, and I think the fad has faded a bit. Nevertheless, they still serve some darn decent grub. They've also branched out opening up various satellites over the Metro.*

Cool, sorta greeky tables.

Totally retro interiors with all the
figurines and hippie things gracing the shelves.

Cake selection for the day.

Breads, brownies, and cookies!
There's something about Banapple, maybe it's their charming homy retro interiors, or their over excessive use of smileys, or the perfectly mastered Banoffee pie. It's simple, down to the bare essentials, basic, good grandmomma-kinda home food. Yeah.

Grandma's Corn Chowder- P80Choweder of potato, corn, and crumbled bacon.
A bit gluggy- looking.

Breaded Cream Dory with Honey Thyme Mustard Sauce- P185
Fresh fillets of velvety dory fish, blanketed in herb crust,
and drizzled with warm honey thyme mustard sauce.
Served with glazed butter carrots.
I've been the fish maniac lately. I like everything fish. There were two or three fish things on the menu but the standout pick was the crumbed fish with honey mustard sauce. The fish was evenly crumbed all over, there were a few herbs in the crumb that made it totally delish. The honey-mustard sauce was reminiscent of one they serve in La Salle.**

Migs Gallabergher- P170
Juicy and herby all-beef patty on mixed greens,
topped with our special garlic-sour cream- bbq sauce
and lots of sliced onions, and blanketed by melted cheeese,
and gooey mozzarella.

Hungarian Chorizo Al Ajillo- P180
A power pairing of hungarian sausage and chorizo slices,
sauteed in lots of garlic and a hint of herbs.
Served with creamy eggs.
Dad is a burger junkie. He's always in the mood for a big, fat, juicy burger. Therefore, that's what he got. Mom had the Hungarian Sausage stew which came with a lovely herb oil thing and chorizo. She was a bit iffy when she ordered but in due time, she fully enjoyed it!

Insalata Rustico- P135
Fresh mixed greens with piquant olives, juicy sliced tomatoes,
grated parmesan, and toasted almond slivers;
drizzled with creamy garlic dressing.
Just for the sake of my veg intake every single meal, I had to have a salad. It had an herby mayo sauce.*** The lashings of cheese are really conservative and the olives as well. I sort of wished I didn't order it instead.

Praline Banana Cream Pie- P100

Chipper Chocolate Cookie Cheesecake- P110
What would Banapple be without their pies and cheesecakes, huh? The praline banana cream pie was magical. It was so creamy and yet amazingly light. Luscious cream, praline, and pure banana love. The grasshopper, was almost the complete opposite. It was a bit hard and sinfully chocolate-y. You'd feel so heavy after it though. By the way, I only had a single swoop of each. It was more than enough for me!

If you're in Katipunan, you cannot miss Banapple. They serve more than decent food at a very reasonable price. I'd say order the Banoffee Pie if you've got no clue what to get. YUM.

Pies and Cheesecakes

205 & 225 Katipunan Avenue,
Blue Ridge, QC

439 26 75
438 26 75

Banapple Website

* That's YAY for the Banapple junkies.

** The second floor of the SPS building. Find the stall with the chicken tenders and have the honey mustard sauce. Heaven-let-loose.

*** Not a fan.

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