Monday, July 11, 2011

Mamou, The Fort

My sister and I have taken to eating out a lot lately. By a lot, I mean more than usual. Our latest favorite restaurant is Mamou, at the Fort! These days, the weather has been absolutely schizophrenic (parched and hot one moment, and mercilessly pouring the very next second), so I guess you could say we've been doing a lot of comfort eating. And where does one go when one seeks homey, tasty, warm food? Mamou, duh.

The bread basket (they usually give you four teeny-cute buns, and of course you can ask for more if you still want more) 

My sister and I split an order of Kurobata Pork Sinigang. It was DIVINE! My sister didn't like it because she gets really dizzy after eating high-fat foods. I, on the other hand, due only to the abundant grace of God, have a relentless power to consume tons and tons of fat and not feel an ounce of dizziness.* Anyway, the soup was really thick- it was more like a sauce. And it was really very tangy and delicious! The veggies were all perfect and tasty and the pork was tender and juicy. This came with red rice and a baby-sized pot of gourmet** bagoong.

And we also split an order of Lorenzo's truffle pasta. I was really apprehensive about this (because I'm really not a pasta person) but since it's highly recommended, we gave it a try anyway (also because my sister REALLY WANTED to eat this- she is the biggest carbophile EVER). It was really, really, really truffle-y and really creamy. I appreciated that we could opt for the whole wheat noodle option without having to shell out extra cash - I find it really cheap of restaurants when they ask you to pay extra $ just to upgrade from usual noodles to the whole wheat variety. This was a really creamy, and filling, and, well, truffle-y dish, although there was not a truffle in sight (but really, what can one expect, at the cost of around 400 pesos?).

Cheers and love

PS I'm reading this book called All The Names, by a Portugese author Jose Saramengo (hope I got his name right). I *think* it's the first book I've ever read that was translated from the Portugese language and I find it really interesting how much the way of speaking (or in this case, writing) differs according to language! Like those translated from Spanish, the book is very descriptive and the sentences are long, but it's a lot less florid. Or maybe I'm overgeneralizing – after all, as I've mentioned, this is my first book from the Portugese. I am really, really, really loving it though, and I've only just begun but I think I can vouch*** for its awesomeness and recommend that you read it too!

PPS Chloe and I are thinking of opening a Book Review section for this blog. Thoughts?

*But MSG is an entirely different story- just a teeny bit and I'm pretty much date-rape material. Okay, that was a bit of an exaggeration but you get the point. Actually, you wouldn't want to date-rape me when I'm being afflicted by MSG, because Bitchzilla comes out.

**I'm assuming it was gourmet because it wasn't the Barrio Fiesta-looking type

***I say this with arrogant confidence because, more than just I vouching for it, the novel is also a Nobel Prize winner! I think this is also my first Nobel-prize-winning book. Which makes me excited to see just how awesome it can be.

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