Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Myron's, Rockwell

When was the last time you were supremely disappointed? If you've been a consistent reader of this blog, you probably know just how much I love Myron's for their steak and their oysters. But last week's steak meal was quite bad.

These cupcakes have absolutely nothing to do with Myron's. Heehee. (Left to right: red velvet, chocolate with chocolate frosting, chocolate with vanilla frosting, vanilla with sugar frosting.) My friend Vince just happened to be in the same restaurant and he just came over to our table and shared them with us – they're from Sweet Life by Ange. Really tiny, really cute, and really adorable. They made me want to have babies so that my babies could eat baby-sized cupcakes. Nonsense? Yes, truly, nonsense.

Chloe and I split the Black and Blue burger. It's really nice and peppery. 

Comes with enormous onion rings, fries... The burger is topped with melted blue cheese (Black + blue.. get it? BLACK pepper AND BLUE cheese). This order came out within 20 minutes. 

And here is the Louis steak we ordered with wine sauce. Myron's steak come in 3 different sizes, and this is the middle size. Here's the lowdown: the potatoes were hot and delicious, the sauce was rich and perfect, the garlic was, well, garlicky... and the steak? The steak was COLD. I wanted to weep. This order came out almost an HOUR after we'd placed it, and the coldness of the steak made me think of it sitting on the plate inside the kitchen for a long, long, long time, forgotten and alone. Also, it was not the usual perfect, delicious, savor-every-bite steak I'm accustomed to getting from Myron's. It was pretty terrible and it made me really sad.

So this is my goodbye to you, Myron's! Goodbye to your Pablo, your Louis, your President.. I can never trust you again. I'm closing my heart to you FOREVER!* (or only to the Rockwell branch, at least. Maybe the Greenbelt branch is under different management? Fingers crossed, because I really do love their President steak).


PS I'm so sorry that I haven't blogged in ages!

*Overreacting? Maybe a little. 

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