Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pig-out with the Sister

Do you have a sister? Or a brother, at least? I have this theory that if you have a sister/brother, you are more likely to be happy and "normal" than if you are an only child. But that's just me!

I love-love-love my sister, but she can be a really bad influence when it comes to food. I always end up eating way too much. Like this one time when we...

Went to Pancake House and ordered waffles – she got hers plain, with the awesome whipped butter

And I got my favorite, banana walnut! Super crunchy waffle with banana and walnut bits inside, topped with syrup and a sugary cream butter thing (that thing that looks like ice cream in the middle).

Then we went straight to Chicken Charlie after. Here is our order of dynamite cheese sticks, which are jalapenos stuffed with cheese, wrapped in a lumpia roll, and served with a dip

And my 10 PIECES OF WINGS  - yes, TEN! My sister got the 5 wings + 3 drumsticks combo! There are no wings in the world that can compare to Chicken Charlie's wings.

Then we went to the Yoh Froz next door for some yogurt loving. Yoh Froz is the froyo pioneer in the Philippines, and I still think it's the best froyo. I did like Red Mango for a while, but really... we always come back to our first loves.

Super cute yogurt trees

The new branch in Banawe, located right beside Chicken Charlie! Joy.


PS Im so, so, so glad it's the weekend already! I'm going to have such a lovely Saturday tomorrow.

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