Tuesday, August 3, 2010

600 Day Grain Fed Wagyu Beef Burger: Plan B by Bécasse

Bécasse is one of the premier dining places in Sydney. It's a modern French Restaurant owned by Justin North. For some of us, who are clearly incapable of affording meals at Bécasse, there's Plan B. Plan B is a hole-in-the-wall cafe just right beside Bécasse. It has a range of sandwiches, salads, sausage rolls, muffins, and seasonal soups that are made fresh daily!

What brought me to Plan B was an article of a blog claiming that the 600 day Grain fed Wagyu Burger is TO DIE FOR. To make things even better, the burger was priced at $10! I never really saw Plan B by Clarence Street whenever I passed because it has a really small shop front. I went into the shop and ordered myself the burger. I waited for a mere 5 minutes and my burger was there. As soon as it arrived, I could whiff the fabulous smell of the grilled wagyu burger.

The burger had a substantial bun which was really nice and dense. I flipped the top bun over to take a look inside, there was gooey cheese, beetroot, mixed salad, and finally, the plump burger patty. The burger patty was just oozing with all the nice juices! It was such a BEAUTY, I just couldn't wait to take a bite and indulge!

Scrumptious Wagyu Burger

Might I say, it was worth the time finding the place. It was heavenly! I reckon it just might be the BEST $10 I've ever spent!:) (converted= 410 pesos!) I'll definitely go back there again, and perhaps, try something different!:):)

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