Monday, August 2, 2010

The Perfect Marriage- Potato Wedges, Sour Cream, and Sweet Chilli Sauce.

I utterly love potatoes regardless of the way it is prepared. The way I usually have them are mashed and fried. Whenever mashed potato is on the menu, its never a good thing, its just loaded with cream & butter! For starters, fried things on the other hand are NEVER good for you!

POTATO WEDGES are my current obsession. I make these potato wedges that are just mind-blowing! I simply cut the potatoes into wedges, toss them in olive oil, salt, and pepper then they go straight into a lined baking tray in the oven for 45 minutes at 150C. The end result are crispy potatoes with an extremely fluffy interior! I pair it up with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce which is the standard way of having it in Aussie. In other circumstances, I do substitute Greek Yogurt so that its less fatty in a way!

On another note, I've been obsessing about sour cream. Yes, sour cream. Its not like the runny type that they have Fils. Sour cream here in Aussie is spectacular even if its just the cheap grocery branded one. Let's see, its has a really thick, smooth, and creamy consistency which is much like soft-serve ice cream or whipped cream. I've been constantly fiddling with it in my mind to see how many recipes/ways i could utilize sour cream since its so DAMN GOOD. Sour cream is yet another reason why I absolutely love having potato wedges!

These specially keep my body warm in this cold harsh winter!

Ps. The type of potato that you use makes the dish vary greatly! Make sure you get the right variety! Nicola potatoes are my top pick for potato wedges!


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