Monday, August 16, 2010


We ordered Gising-gising which happens to be one of my ultimate favorite foods. It's made out of KangKong (a local Pinoy veg, similar to spinach. i think it's called water something...) stems, stewed in coconut milk with lots of chili and pieces of shrimp... :9 heavenly.

We also ordered a WHOLE crispy pata.. Crispy pata (for you Aussies out there) is a whole pork knuckle deep fried... TASTY and MURDEROUS at the same time. Crispy pata's a childhood favorite of mine because I LOVE pork skin and pork fat (obviously I will be no septuagenarian). The Abe version was really good-- the skin was crispy and the meat was juicy and tender. We had garlic rice (one bowl to share. We may have no cares for Cholesterol but Carbs strike fear in our hearts). Abe's got the best garlic rice ever.

WONDERFUL MEAL. :) Four stars out of five (would've been higher if we didn't get dizzy after all that fat! Not that it was the restaurant's fault. We're just greedy. :D)

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