Monday, August 30, 2010

Sunday Lunch

Yesterday, my family had lunch at Golden Bay. Golden Bay's this fairly new Chinese restaurant that's giving Gloria Maris/Choi Garden a run for their money. I usually hate eating Chinese but lately my Friend and I have been hitting Gloria Maris rather often, and I've become quite hooked. So it was a real pleasant lunch for me!

First off, we had lobster sashimi. It was actually a two-way lobster (just like a Peking duck can be two-way). So the sashimi was part 1. :)

The lobster's freshly killed (sad, i know. But I suppose all's fair in the field of gastronomy) and chopped up and put on ice! Very fresh and extremely delicious. 
Mr Lobster says, Bonjour!
I found the tail very pretty. I wanna make a lobster necklace someday. 
Pretty AND tasty.

What the sashimi looks like.

The flesh is chewy and clean tasting. It tastes just the way it looks! My dad and brother LOVE lobster so they thoroughly enjoyed this. I did too! 

We also ordered different dimsum selections like the Hakaw and Siomai. Golden Bay's got really great dimsum! I especially loved the fried shrimp wantons!!!

Crispy and shrimpyyy
We also had radish cake (which i looooove). Radish cakes are usually served in larger portions, but in Golden Bay they're chopped up into small square cubes, thus making them crunchier! So good. I love radish cake everywhere, but most especially at Golden Bay.

The one fluke of our meal was the shrimp rice rolls. I think their flour was spoiled or something because it tasted funny and we just returned the dish.
Sad face

We also ordered eggplant hotpot! I am such an eggplant fan and don't understand how some people hate it. The eggplant hotpot at Golden Bay was spectacular, maybe even a bit better than Gloria Maris'.
Gone in 10 minutes.
We also had some abalone with the abalone sauce. Good, tasted like abalone. Hehehe

The lobster congee was then served. I LOVE CONGEE. Congee is like high up on my (very long) list of favorite foods. I LOVE CONGEE. One of my favorite types of congee is lobster congee, so as you may guess, I totally loved this.

One big pot. I could've finished it all!
Picture does it no justice.
Last up was the dessert. We usually get the mini pumpkin cakes but they were unavailable at the time so we tried their egg tarts instead. I'd never tried their egg tarts and turned out they were VERY GOOD! The crust was very sweet and caramel-ish at the edges. :D The malay cakes (those brown things below) were also sweet and tasty!


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