Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Stress Relievers

Last sem, I would often find myself just overly indulging in uni. I'd buy right away the food that i'm craving for without a single thought. My favourites include a toasted ham & cheese croissant, viet pork roll, chai latte, and the occasional kebab and chips.

Irresistible Blueberry
Cream Cheese Bagel
Oozing Cheese

Glad to say, this sem I've been paying more attention to what I eat. Usually, I don't buy food in uni anymore. I have Brekkie Brunch before heading to uni. Today, I counted as a FREE DAY to reward myself since I've been going through stress oh, plus, lack of sleep. This morning, I had to snooze my clock a couple of times. I hate early classes, they're destined for doom and I don't get to eat great brekkies. 

In between classes, my friends and I headed to the coffee shop in uni, I was tired and hungry. I just had to grab a chai latte and a blueberry bagel with cream cheese. Oh goodness. The chai was quite bland and needed an extra punch! The bagel on the other hand had perfect harmony between the sweet and salty. The texture was fantastic too, it was toasted for crunchiness, I love the brown slightly burnt bits. Inside, it was chewy and soft. I gobbled the whole thing up and I was filled with glee. 

After classes, I headed to the city. I was extremely exhausted because I got little sleep the night before. I felt like cheering myself up, so I went to Big Bite to grab a sandwich. From what I've heard, the sandwiches there are massive- as BIG as my head, no joke. I've gone there a couple of times before, but I've always been unlucky, they're cleaning up each time I arrive. Today was different though, I got there just in time, a few pieces of bread were left, I was overjoyed. I quickly looked the menu, I observed that all the sandwiches they had has the standard fillings of basil oil, rocket, mayonnaise, tomato, and sweet pea shoots. I was planning to get the rare roasted beef but they only had Spicy Chicken, Grilled Lemon Chicken, and Chicken Schnitzel. So, being health conscious and all that, I opted for the Grilled Lemon one since I was in no mood for something spicy. 

The staff was very friendly and nice. They're mostly old Greek ladies, very charming and they make you feel at peace- they lightened up my day. 

Grilled Lemon Chicken Packed with Veg Sandwich
I controlled my urge to savagely chomp my sandwich once it was in my hands. I waited until I got home so that I could take pictures and slowly enjoy my feast. There wasn't any particular aroma that lingered in the air when I opened the foil package. But I was amazed at the size of the sandwich, it was absolutely massive. The filling looked like they wanted to pop out of the sandwich, it was that loaded. The chicken wasn't as moist and juicy as I expected it to be. On a positive note, it was very well-seasoned, the flavour of lemon and pepper completely came through. The veggies contributed a whole different sense of freshness. The mayonnaise tied everything together, it had a slight hint of horseradish I'm thinking to echo the pepperiness of the rocket. The ultimate highlight of it was the bread, it was dense, I think it was Turkish Bread, so good.

Big Bite
Shop 3, 250 Pitt St
Sydney, 2000

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