Monday, August 30, 2010


Last Saturday my friend and I went to Inagiku for lunch. Inagiku's a super DELISH restaurant in Makati Shangri-la that serves up the most insanely orgasmic lunch buffets on weekends. It is one of my ultimate favorite restaurants (the others being Jollibee, Uno, Cyma, and Ocean Empire in HK, but let's stick to the very tasty topic on hand). If you are a Japanese food freak like I am (if the Japs've got one thing down pat, it's their food. Otherwise... well, raping Nanjing was a bad, bad, bad thing to do. But I'm not holding grudges! People of Japan, I <3 you.) you have not lived until you've tasted Inagiku. I've yet to try their a la carte (I ALWAYS eat buffet. I'm a pig like that) but I can bet my Chanel (I was supposed to say "soul" instead of "Chanel" but it would be quite tragic and devastating to lose one's soul) that you'll lovelovelove the buffet.

They automatically serve you their AWESOME tempura (best ever) and miso soup and green tea. I love their green tea. Very clean tasting!

Anyway... on this particularly lovely afternoon I headed straight to the sushi/sashimi section. Not exaggerating but just WRITING this makes my mouth water!!! Anyway here's my first plate: tons of salmon and under sushi stuff I can't identify (A pig is a pig is a pig! We just chew and swallow, albeit gleefully)

Oh Yeah.

I went back for my other favorite sashimi-- uni! Uni's actually raw sea urchin. Sounds icky but is very, very tasty... Buttery and sweet and heavenly.

Next up I got my WAGYU. Oh my. FOODGASM on every level. The tastiest, juiciest, beefiest chunks of beef. EVER. EVER. Now, if you look to the left of the picture below, you'll see things that in no possible way resemble beef. Those happen to be DEEP-FRIED soft shell crab!!!! Tell me, what could be better?!?! Sashimi, wagyu, and deep-fried soft shell crab, as much as you can eat?! I swear, when I become damn stinking rich, I am going to treat everyone (especially the poor) to a nice buffet lunch at Inagiku. Everyone must experience the JOY of being able to eat as much soft shell crab, wagyu, and sashimi as they like. If I am ever a Ms Universe candidate (riiiight) that would be my one wish!
This is what heaven looks like.

Crab, part 2.

Moving on... We also had the soup thing below, forgot what it's called. :D Tasty too! And a rather pleasant change after you've eaten pounds and pounds of steak and seafood.


Also tried their wagyu burgers. Not worth the tummy space, if you ask me!

Finally we had dessert-- green tea, wasabi, and vanilla ice cream. And the ever-present-in-buffets fondue. I loved how they served strawberries to dip in the fondue, though! Usually it's just tropical fruits.

Wasabi and Green Tea ice cream. So good!

If you can see the tiny black flecks-- hello, vanilla bean!

I got so full and dizzy after, I felt like I was about to explode. I also gained 6 pounds. NOT KIDDING! 

P.S. I finally took out my old Cybershot. Thus the improvement in picture quality :)

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