Monday, August 2, 2010

The Honest Juice

I LOVE garlic but I hate ginger (with the exception of M&S's dark chocolate ginger cookies-- yum!:D) so I was thrilled to discover The Honest Juice. The Honest Juice is run by two pretty sisters (will post their contact details soon, when I get them) who cold-press premium ingredients to get the healthiest, freshest juice. Cold-pressing's great for juice because all the enzymes remain active and kicking! :D

They have three variants, all in beautifully vivid colors. There's a green one, with wheatgrass, apple, and kiwi. Then there's a purple one, with beetroot and other things in it (wasn't to my taste). The one picture above is my absolute favorite!!! It's orange, pineapple, lemon, and GINGER! But the blend is so well-blended (hahaha at the blends used in this sentence) that the ginger tastes really tasty! :9 Can't wait to contact them and have them deliver!:D

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