Sunday, August 22, 2010

La Creperie

Went with my friend to La Creperie the other day. I was in the mood for some crepes but we ended up NOT getting crepes!

Delish frozen hot chocolate with the lovely bracelet my even lovelier friend Robyn gave me  


First up we ordered frozen hot chocolate. I am a hot chocolate freak, and an even bigger frozen hot chocolate freak. I loved it! It was marvelous. The chocolate was thick and chocolatey without being too sweet, and the whipped cream was nice and rich and creamy and not at all sweet (I am obviously and unfortunately becoming old, the way I have begun to be averse to sweet things!)

As for the bracelet, it's one of my ultimate favorites. I do bazaars, and my friends usually go to hang out and support me. During one particular bazaar, I fell in love with this bracelet! But it was way over my budget (was broke at the time)... Before I went home, my dearest friend Robyn gave me a small package... and inside was the bracelet! :) One of the sweetest gifts I've ever received, really. :)

In lieu of having some of the seemingly nosebleed-inducing (too chocolatey! "YA DYET" hehe) crepes that were available,  (they had this brownie inspired crepe. Like, what a brownie would be if it were reincarnated to become a crepe) we decided to order an omelette, to share! It was recommended for 2-3 people and very, very tasty!
t-t-t-tasty tasty
I am a huge egg eater (as I have mentioned before, I am undaunted by the threats of cholesterol). This very delish omelette had bacon, onions and jalapenos in it, and was topped with cheese. It was cooked in a cast iron pan, baked to perfection! I enjoyed every single bit of it! And I'm a finicky eater.
Browsing through the wedding magazines in the cafe, I saw a picture of a wedding cake that very much reminded me of you, Bru! :) Can't wait to see you in November. :)

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