Monday, February 7, 2011

A Food Trip in Chinatown

I'm watching Eat, Pray, Love right now. At this point, I'm really convinced that I have to push things to their limits. I need to enjoy life, no pleasing other people cause that wouldn't bring me anywhere, it leave me miserable.

Okay, I might be too into this movie right now. Just MIGHT.

Yesterday, was a day like no other, I could swear that it's been the most I've ate in ages. I woke up to my usual sad bowl of oats, scooted off to ISCAHM. There was a lot of tasting when it came to cooking up some Asian dishes. And it was off to Binondo for me to meet up with my old team mates in LaSalle. They're such a blast, and they're always up for the adventure (especially when it comes to food). Love them.

Beef mami with their special SWEET sauce.

Big chunky siomai.
First stop, we went to the popularly known, Masuki- such a classic. What else would there be to order other than the famous beef mami? I headed straight for it even though I had a relatively full stomach from the tasting and eating from the cooking class. My friends had some siomai as well which I was terrified of cause of the big bulky chunks of fat. Yes, I'm not the biggest fan of fat, oil, and grease.

Wai Ying Time!

Raddish Cake!

Hot salad rolls!

Chicken Feet!


Rice Roll!

And now... it's ALL GONE!!!
Next, it was Wai Ying. I couldn't tell you how many fond memories I have of this place. Especially if you include the words Liberty Hall into the equation. We all ordered different variations on the famous rice roll. There was beef, shrimp, and asado. There's no questioning about it, I headed for the asado especially after finishing that bowl of beef mami at Masuki. The wrapper is thicker than I would've liked it to be. But hey, the whole package was tasty as. And probably because my friends are sometimes bigger pigs than I am, they had a whole bunch of other stuff too!:) I told you they're fun!!!

Xiao Long Bao from Su Zhou

Fried Banana Cakes!
Lastly, we went to Su Zhou. It might seem a bit familiar since they have a branch in Greenhills as well. Everybody goes there for their Xiao Long Bao which is pretty delightful. But that could totally change since I haven't tried Crystal Jade or Lugang Cafe yet. From what I had tried though, my vote still goes to Taste of Shanghai in Australia. And I tried the Fried Banana Cakes for the first time. I'd describe it resembles puto with the essence of banana. Tasty and delightful? Not likely, but addictive? Rather true. I couldn't stop eating maybe cause we were all deeply engaged in our conversation, right.

I ate a lot of tasty food yesterday, and it was all topped off by the 50 peso burger in McDo at 2am. No, I'm not kidding at all. That's just one of the perks sleeping over here at my grandparents' place!


931 Benavidez St.,
Binondo, Manila

Wai Ying Fastfood
927 Benavides St.
Binondo, Manila

Su Zhou Dumpling
Gandara St., 
Binondo, Manila

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