Friday, February 4, 2011

Buenisimo, Eastwood, Philippines

FIRST agenda today- GYM. Oh DEAREST BEACH BOD, come to me! Well, it doesn't completely make sense since it'll be autumn-ish when I arrive in Australia. But I think a spanking smoking HOT BODY still accounts for a lot. That in mind, I will NEVER get fatter again, I swear. Okay, too much sidetracking now.

SECOND- Day out with my import friend, Robin. 

Italian, Right?
Guess again.
Really homy-  fine dining interior!
We kicked the afternoon off with a pleasant lunch at Buenisimo. Okay, this place most certainly puzzles me. Initially, and up until the few moments before I entered the restaurant, I thought it was Italian. I bet you'd think the same thing especially given the look of the place. It's actually SPANISH.

I tried the sauce, it was LOVELY.

Robin, being such a regular knew what he wanted even almost before the waiter handed him the menu. He said the gambas and salpicao are must tries. Well, obviously we ordered that. I took forever to decide, I think I've never been this indecisive when it came to food! I was starving after hitting the gym, so I thought I'd get a pasta! And just to make sure we're stuffed, we shared a fish dish too!

Beef Salpicao!
The salpicao and gambas came out in a jiffy. Rob raved and raved about the gambas, but I was ever so scared to eat some ever since the Inagiku incident. The salpicao was very tender but some pieces, however, did have some sinew. And, all the flavor was in the sauce! So even if you think the sauce is oily, you better suck it up and dip your beef into it.

I had their Angry Pasta, since the waiter recommended it. It supposedly had chili flakes and was spiked with rum as well. I tasted no such flavors! To think that I really wanted it to have some punch and heat! I also reckon that they overstated their description on the menu. Plus, the pasta was overdone.

Lastly, the Grilled Lapu Lapu with Passionfruit Butter. This is a MUST TRY. The fish was flawlessly grilled despite it was a rather thick cut. There's no doubt that all the accompaniments that came with the dish matched it perfectly. But the one thing it lacked was the acidity in the butter sauce. But would I come back for this dish? Boy, you betcha!:)

Bread with their evoo & balsamic?? That lacked acidity.
Ps. I loved their bread! It came to the table piping hot. It was crusty yet soft at the same time! LOVE.

Level 2, Eastwood Mall Veranda
Eastwood City Cyberpark,
Rodriguez Jr. Bagumbayan Quezon City

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