Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dinner Last Night.

I think my mom is a crazy perfectionist. She has a list of things in her head that she has to accomplish from day to day. You'd be caught dead being with her if in any case that she didn't finish her tasks. Despite what transpires during the day, we could always count on her to deliver us a smashingly good dinner.

So.. You might be wondering what she cooks from day to day that makes me swoon. Nothing ultimately posh or extravagant, but dishes filled with love and passion. Chos!

Tonight, we have more or less, Filipino Fare!

Kare Kare packed with veg!
What would Kare Kare be without Bagoong?
First, Kare Kare which is my favorite Filipino Dish (which I still don't know how to cook despite going to ISCAHM every Saturday!) I love PEANUT BUTTER. I'm a PEANUT BUTTER FREAK actually. Yeah, my mom dollops a wad of peanut butter, straight from the jar. Gotta love it. More on peanut butter next time.

Yeah, it's usually served on a sizzling plate!
Second, we had this sizzling Bangus Tapa dish. Okay, I love this too. Yes, I'm a bit BIG pig. It's basically bangus belly cooked on a sizzling hotplate, then drizzled with tapa sauce and finally topped with caramelized onions and crispy garlic. This was TASTY, heaps TASTY.

French Beans that my grandmother LOVES.
Lastly, there were French Beans which my grandmama cooked, CHINESE STYLIE with all the pork mince, cured veg, soy sauce, and what not! I've watched her cook dishes like this one endless times, but I could never fathom how she puts everything together and place perfect proportions of each ingredient. I guess it must be experience and sheer brilliance.

This is PRECISELY what I miss each and every time I have dinner in the land down under.


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