Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Dearest Mum's Birthday at Bagoong Club!

It looks like one of those super secret organizations!
I couldn't give my mum more props for picking an epic restaurant!:) Just so you know, I'm a bagoong freak. That's explains... everything! And for all the people who don't know about bagoong... y'all are missing out on a LOT

Bagoong defined by Wikipedia- Bagoong is a Philippine condiment made by mixing measured amounts of fish (or shrimp) and brine, which are traditionally then left to ferment from between 10 to 12 months until it produces bubbles and acquires its characteristic pungent odor. Err.. Yeah, it doesn't sound too appetizing, but trust me, IT'S REALLY REALLY REALLY DELISH!

If you don't have a thing for this combo...
You better get checked by the doctor!
So, I actually arrived late which is such a bummer cause my mum ordered everything even before I got there! But she has such good taste that went along with everything she ordered! Except, I got hilaw na mangga with bagoong! It's actually one of the things that I constantly crave for! If you were in La Salle a one or two years ago, you might catch me frolicking near the Andrew Building buying some green mangoes with bagoong!:)

There was singkamas- I can't remember what it's called in English, do you remember? Do enlighten me! Wait, is it Jicama? Anyhoo, it was so crunchy and juicy! It was the perfect vehicle for the bagoong. 

I loved the crispy shrimp so much, I had Crispy Crablets today!
Up first, Fried Crispy Shrimp! The shrimp was good! Yes, I took chances with my allergies! It look too tasty to pass up! It lacked seasoning though, and the fries were quite hard which probably indicates that they didn't pre-cook it before frying! 

Kinilaw loaded with fresh veg!
Next, Kinilaw na Tanigue at Pipino. The dish is resemblant to what people commonly know as tartare, I guess! The dish was well chilled and had the slap of acidity! It was fantastic, perhaps more chili next time though?

I couldn't EVER pass up squid.
And then there were Bagoong Club Calamares! Contrary to the trend of crumbed calamari and beer battered ones- this doesn't fit into any of those categories! This has a really light batter that didn't drown the squid! It was contrasted by the EXTRA SOUR vinegar!:) 

Sinigang na Bangus sa Bayabas at Bagoong. Not so much emphasis on the bagoong, but more on the bayabas which is guava! The soup was extremely sour and had such a thick syrupy consistency! Like, I could literally hear myself slurping cause it was that THICK!  

BTW, Labong is Bamboo Shoot!
Ugh we ate so much! Next, Labong at Tinapa Espesyal! Everybody loved this dish! I'm not kidding! When the dish was first brought to the table, my uncle was commenting about why the room smelled like  the restroom. Hmm, not really. It was packed with flavor! It's my favorite thing after the... GREEN MANGOES!:)

Lumpiang Ubod- probably the last savory dish that is worth blogging about! The peanut sauce is very strong, but not with any artificial vibe! The vegetables remained their crunch! After eating it, I randomly felt healthy, right!

Sloshed with a LOT of cream!

Filipino Inspired Mousse!
As for desserts, there's the popular Pastillas de Leche Cheesecake and the Tsoko-Tablea Mousse! I'd say both dishes are equally interesting, innovative, and exciting! So my sister and I split the two! The cheesecake lacked the CHEESY factor! My sister found it a bit sweet which is a downer. On the other hand, the tablea mousse had really nice layers which screamed CHOC-NUT! So inventive, LOVED IT. The thing is, it wasn't much of a mousse since it was really set with gelatin which affected the flavor. I hate it when I become this meticulous at times!

I really recommend people to check this place out! It's been featured a lot of times in different newspapers and magazines! They have creative and quirky dishes that bring out a whole new face to Filipino food! 

Bagoong Club
122 Scout Dr. Lazcano,
Sacred Heart, Quezon City

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