Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pam and the La Creperie Affair

It's Valentine's Day, and I bet I should talk about a little love (affair).

A love (affair) between my friends, Pam and Mister La Creperie.

She seriously can't get over him.

And I know I should do something- WRITE ABOUT IT. (obviously!

This a post as per her request.

Pam:"Sobra ako nasasarapan sa crepe, it's PERFECT"

The very traditional yet chic interiors of La Creperie
There are a fair number of crepes on the menu. Many signature ones and old-time favorites. Because of all those choices and combinations that we COULD have, it made deciding such a challenge. So in the end, we chose to customize our own!

My friend and I, we think alike. We practically ordered the same thing (mango crepe with whipped cream)- except for the sauce! She chose MISTER CHOCOLATE GANACHE while I preferred MISTER SALTED BUTTER CARAMEL.

Mister Salted Butter Caramel

And Mister Chocolate Ganache

In my opinion, the crepe skin is rather thicker than it should be. But dear Pam thought it was flawless. I repeat, FLAWLESS!

1. The whipped cream is accented with sugar- similar to Starbucks's! How can you go wrong?!
2. Chocolate ganache resembles Hershey's! Heavenly!
3. Homemade salted caramel is tasty yet subtle enough to leave you scraping each and every last bit off the plate.
4. The filling is very limited though. :( I go crazy for mangoes!*
5. It didn't feel heavy in any way afterwards!

Pam: "Sobrang busog ko na, dami kong kinain. Feel ko weight ko 1xx na nga eh (+3 pounds from her usual). Pero yung crepe talagang SOBRANG sarap!"

I say it's most definitely delish and worth a try.

La Creperie 
2nd Level, Eastwood Mall,
E. Rodriguez Ave. (C-5), 
Bagumbayan, Quezon City, 
Metro Manila, Philippines

* Mangoes aren't as sweet in Australia. It's a different kind of breed compared to what's being grown here.

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