Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dear Mister Reese.

So glad I bumped into you when I was at the grocery!
It's been too long.
Dear Mister Reese (Who invented them??)

I get annoyed when people pronounce it REESE as a whole, I say Ree-see's! I love the peanut butter cups that you invented; it's such a revelation. I think it's bigger than Madonna, Britney Spears, President Obama, and P-Noy. I must say I can't keep my hands off them! The slightly salty peanut butter contrasted with the smooth sweet chocolate pushes ALL THE RIGHT BUTTONS. And I think the font you used is totally retro and classic.

Love Lots,

If you're wondering, if I did finish the whole lot- NO!
So I've been digesting crazy amounts of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups recently! I mean sometimes I'm too full, and a tend to skip a meal. Then I always end up eating Reese's and bananas. They're such a good couple. They're better than Brangelina- not kidding. But they don't look as hot though.

They're oh so TINY.

Perfect amount of chocolate and peanut.
More peanut than chocolate though.
Careful with the pimple breakouts.
Then the idea struck me yesterday, at around 9:47pm- est. I should totally write about this, and here we are now. BTW, these are my attempts to take beautiful stunning pictures. I tried.

See the marriage.
My new idea- some epic ice cream company like Ben & Jerry's, or Breyer's should totally come up with a Reese loves Banana flavor. It's going to earn a LOT! On second thought, I'll do it since I might open an artisan ice cream shop before I retire!:)

Suddenly, they're all gone.
I should totally go make a milkshake with Reese's and bananas now. Really. if only I could find the blender in the boxes.

Somebody even made a fridge magnet with Reese's in mind.
It's about Jesus.

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