Sunday, February 13, 2011

Egg Tarts and Orange Juice

My dad grew up in North Point, so whenever we go to Hong Kong we ALWAYS go to North Point! To look at the shops, eat at Sweetheart, visit the doctor, have new eyeglasses made...

This trip, we went there for my favorite super epic and super duper secret shopping place (I'd tell you where exactly, but then I'd have to kill you*). Anyway, after that, we had egg tarts and orange juice!! :D

The best egg tarts are in North Point. I think that's the thesis of this blog entry. Believe me when I say that they are the BEST! This egg tart (I am speaking of the North Point sort, of course) is perfection in your hand (when and IF you are fortunate enough to be holding it). It does not care if you enjoy egg tarts or not; it seduces you and your senses entirely! I myself am not into egg tarts. This is the only sort i ENJOY! It is just SO GOOD. SO GOOD. SOOO GOOOOOOOD. The egg filling is perfectly egg-y, rich, creamy, just the right amount of sweetness. The pastry is buttery, rich, buttery, rich, buttery, rich, BUTTERY, RICH. This is the best egg tart in the world and it costs only 3.50 HKD. I kid you not!

 The best orange juice is also at North Point. It also happens to be the cheapest, at 10 HKD per huge plastic cup. It is freshly squeezed upon order; the lady behind the counter cuts up and squeezes the oranges while you wait. Paired with the egg tarts.... It's HEAVEN!
And here I am, with egg tarts again (but not in North Point anymore). I ate these too, but of course they weren't as good as the North Point ones! I miss Hong Kong already! :((

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Cheers, love, and egg tarts,
D :)

*this is said in a totally deadpan voice

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