Wednesday, February 16, 2011

BBB: Big Better Burgers

Look for HOT STUFF at the very end.
That's my sister.
She whopped ARSE today.
I'm proud of her!

I watched my sister compete today for Nationals Swim Thing at Rizal Sports Complex.

She's so talented and focused. Props to that. She won!

While she was warming up, amidst all the hustle and bustle; I made time to have lunch with my friends, Pierse and Trizha. Pierse is a talented musician while Trizha is an epic artist. They're bundles of fun!

We we're going to have lunch at Solomon's or something but we ended up at the University Mall (where I often frolicked a couple of years ago!). They suggested BBB cause the burgers were good! I staged no argument and went with the flow.

There were a lot of burgers with quirky names. Interesting.

We ordered:

1. 3 Cheese Explosion- Looks like there's a lot of cheese right? NOT. You have been fooled just as I have. I want the cheese content to multiply THREE fold.

2. BBB One Third Pounder with Cheese- It appears to be your average burger!

3. Hahalape˜o Burger- Well, if you ask me, the lettuce on this one sure looks sad. Who knows if that's actually relevant to the heat of the Jalape˜o salsa!

The burger patty was burnt enough on the outside which gave that whole essence of being char-grilled. Nothing I love more than a juicy char-grilled burger. It was served in a Pandesal* Bun. I would definitely compare it to Wham! Burger (but this is a cheaper version)! There are hints of bacon in the burger too! For the price, I absolutely enjoyed it!

It's a hell of a good Taft Find!:)

BBB: Big Better Burgers
University Mall
Taft Avenue

*Pandesal is a Filipino bread commonly eaten for breakfast. It is usually eaten by the masses cause of it's cheap price!

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