Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tazza Cafe, Quezon City, Philippines

Daryl implemented a great use of * ASTERISKS in her past few posts, therefore I shall be a copycat. I think it makes things more detailed and interesting! Let's get started!

Taaza Cafe is hidden in one of backstreets of Quezon City where I could hardly navigate myself! It happens to be one of those tambay cafes where people wait for their cars to be washed, etc, etc. It's been there for a couple of years which would probably explain the dated interior. And apparently, it used to be a cafe that people would fall in line for and everything. These days, it still hosts a fair bit of customers but it doesn't seem to have that sparkle that it used to.

I couldn't figure out the deal with the type of cuisine that they had there. I think they were aiming for fusion but the whole idea was a little rattled cause it wasn't refined enough.

The wonton wrappers and the dip came in separate containers
but we decided to pour the dip on top!
Ever since the first time me and my sister dined at Cibo, she's been loving their spinach dip. So now, she saw this spinach dip thing on the menu. And the answer is YES, she did demand to order it. Instead of crostini, pita, or crackers, this spinach dip came with deep fried wonton wrappers as it's vessel. It's a very inspired idea, up until you dip it. Upon dipping, the wonton wrapper just sags and you'd hurry to put it into your mouth before it drips- EVERYWHERE. The dip screams for CHEESE too.

Not one of my favorite things.
A waste of calories actually.
As for my other sister, she happens to be a noodle soup freak. Like she could practically eat as much as me if we're having noodles and soup that day. She had the Siomai Noodle Soup. There's not really a lot for me to say about dishes like this one. I'd obviously complain about the amount of the fat present in the siomai. I tend to be such a freak like that sometimes. The portion size was generous but the noodles were really mediocre.

See what I mean by... RISOTTO???
The Thai Risotto was a dish that I guess puzzled and amazed me somehow. What came out of the kitchen and onto the table was fried rice and grilled chicken. It tasted really tangy and great. But the thing is, RISOTTO* is a really inappropriate name for the dish.

The only mistake was...
the bread wasn't toasted enough!
My spinach freak sister also happens to be a shrimp freak, thus the order for Gambas Spaghetti. There were dribbles of pesto in the dish which is such a good idea as compared to tossing the whole thing with pesto which would make it so heavy and just plain unappetizing. The sour tomato sauce perfectly complemented the pesto. Two thumbs up.

Lastly, Chicken Pasta and Mojos. So for anyone who feels like the CARBO LOADING**, this is IT. The pasta is greatly similar to carbonara, it was al dente and very delectably creamy. The mojos that came with it were really thin and a bit soggy. The gravy that was doused on top of the chicken was practically flavorless. Actually, the chicken bit is definitely reminiscent of KFC, HANDS DOWN. 

See the tea light underneath?
We had this fruity and sour tea called Empress and along with it came a really intricate yet funky teapot. If I was in T2***, I'd actually think it's a rooibos. 

I'd say it's not a bad place to hang around while waiting for your  car to be washed but I wouldn't necessarily want to go over there if I was going to have lunch again.

* I have nothing against them using Thai Risotto as the name for the dish, but it was completely out of line since the dish didn't have that much comparable characteristics to risotto! It wasn't oozy, the rice was wrong, it was overcooked.

** ULTIMATE CARBO LOADING- I'd swear, if all the fats wouldn't be accumulating in my thighs, I'd definitely have as much carbs as I please. The fact of the matter is, I love my carbs, especially after a bloody good sweating session after the gym. 

*** T2 is a tea boutique in Australia, it's greatly popular and I'd say it's definitely one of my best discoveries since I've been there! They have a particular tea for your each and every purpose! What makes it even more interesting is the fact that they always have these really nice teapot sets! Gotta love those glass teapots. They're so minimalist and sophisticated.

Tazza CafeQuezon City

98 Maria Clara St., 
Brgy. Sto. Domingo
Quezon City, Philippines

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