Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stars' Favorite, Xiamen

It's nasty of me to have strayed too far from the blogosphere for too long, but I've just been so caught up with life* (although that's not an excuse**) so I apologize profusely!

Over the coming days I intend to entertain you all with a saga of the food my family and I ate in both Xiamen and Hong Kong. Today it's going to be about Stars' Favorite***.

Believe it or not, we actually (over the course of four days) ate there THREE TIMES, because it's the restaurant du jour of my dearest grandparents.

The restaurant had really cute furnishings, especially considering that it was in CHINA! It had plenty of big, fat chandeliers, fluffy purple chairs, black lamps, black and white mosaic... Can you picture it?

So anyway, we first had California Maki...

Then kimchi...

Then chicken curry...

And the thing I liked best: FRIED FAT PORK! It was like Asado married Ham, and they had babies, who were then deepfried.

On separate occasions (at the same restaurant), we had white chicken as well.

And gyoza.

I'm not really a huge fan of the restaurant**** so I'll just leave the flavors to your imagination*****. I do miss China though-- I MISS MY GRANDPARENTS! :( Hope I get to see them again soon.

In ending, here is a photo of the bathroom at Stars' Favorite. Very nicely done up in mosaic and glass everywhere... but it's the squatting sort of toilet!******

*AKA school and the accompanying school work.
**I hate excuses.
***Can you tell that I am feeling like a talk show host today?
****Or to be more frank, I'm not a fan AT ALL
*****Clue: there weren't many
******Insert the Sound of Failire (the one that goes, "kwek, kwek, kweekkkk")  here.

Cheers and love to academic success (please Lord, let me do great),

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