Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Amici, Manila

I love Amici. My mom was on to it from the very start. We would go to Don Bosco after school (I was still a high schooler then) with my little sister, to pig out on pizza and pasta! They have REALLY good Italian food! (On the same level as Bellini's*!)

Amici's also where my friends and I go to eat after we badminton in the Manila area! (Yes, I just used badminton as a VERB). I love my friends, I love badminton, and I love my CARBS AT NIGHT.**

Here's what we had:

Cannelloni: Good, but I think the one I make is better. Hohoho!

Red sauce seafood pasta: TASTY! And I suppose this is the healthiest (while still being gratifying) option. This is their bestseller!

Carbonara: fatty, creamy, TASTY! :D

I don't know what this is. Hehehehehehe! I got too carried away by the conversation. Wink wink

Also, we had ice cream after (cookies and cream, and NY cheesecake) but I was so stoned with the adrenalin, the carbohydrates, and the company that I forgot to take photos. They have good ice cream but it's nothing I'd get fat for (but I ate some anyway!)

*Bellini's is only, like, THE BEST italian restaurant in the whole world. They have AMAZING ravioli. Actually, I think I only like it SO MUCH because of the ravioli. The ravioli is INSANE. Creamy, tasty, HEAVENLY. I diiiiie.

**I only like Carbs at night. I mean, I only crave them at night. I like them best in bed. Eating bread+jam+butter/chocolate/chips/chocolate+chips in bed at night while reading a GREAT book or watching an AMAZING movie = Heaven!

Cheers + Kisses, 

P.S. How do you find my use of ASTERISKS? Annoying? :D I got the idea from my all-time favorite fashion blogger, Garance Dore.

P.P.S. It's my darling sister's birthday today. Happy, happy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! She is the best sister in the whole world! :D

P.P.P.S. I just love silks. I say this because I have been shopping SHAMELESSLY! Watch out for my HK posts. :) Are you excited? I am! I love this city!

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