Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bistro Nappa

Other day, my family went to Bistro Nappa for dinner. It's this new restaurant in Il Terrazzo (AKA the Banapple place). The interiors were lovely. The best part of the meal was the interiors (aside from the company, of course).

Right off bat, we ordered meatballs as an appetizer. My brother is a huge tomato fan so he liked this. Unfortunately it tasted too much 'right out of the can' for me! My siblings and I, during the summer, like being pigs at night. We eat tuna (out of the can) mixed with chopped tomatoes (also out of the can) with bread. Hence, I know exactly what tomato out of the can tastes like, and it tasted like this:

Good enough but nothing spectacular. :)
My sister and I ordered beef stew with rice pilaf, and porkchops. We have this thing in my family where we like getting two entrees and splitting them. That way, we get to eat two dishes instead of one! :D The beef stew was good, tasty, with soft beef! And the rice was good too... Unfortunately it was also nothing spectacular. :( (At this point in my life, I am a wee bit tired of things that are good but not spectacular. Food-wise and otherwise!)

Porkchops were tasty and juicy, but on the Porkchop scale they rate a bit lower than Cyma's. 

My mom got the pepper steak. She said it's pretty good.

We also ordered pizza, but I didn't try it anymore because I was so full from the porkchop and the beef. They said it was good, too.

Sooo if you're a bit dense, here's the final tally: Pretty good, good enough, not bad, nice... 

Adjectives I never want to see again in my life. I am so tired of nice and good enough!!! I want wonderful, amazing, breathtaking. Okay I think I'm projecting too much now!!! Back to the food story-- the food was good but it was not worth the price. But the interiors were really quite gorgeous and it had a really cozy vibe, so I suppose this would make a nice date place. :) 

(But for the money, I'd have preferred to spend it on Chicken Charlie! :D)

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