Saturday, September 18, 2010


After hitting the gym I went home in search of a nice, warm, filling and TASTY meal! :) Unfortunately I haven't had the time (or driver) to go to the grocery lately so there's not much food at home. Luckily, my resourcefulness allowed me to scrape something delish together, in a jiffy! I call it my Tasty 10 Minute Meal!!!
OH Yum. Deep inside my ruffled exterior I am a trucker!
Scavenged around the kitchen and the freezer and found ONIONS and TENDERLOIN (from a month ago! HAHAHA! But that's not bad at all because I'm sure restos do that too! :|) Now, anyone who claims to truly know me must know that I am a huge freak for onions and garlic!!! Yummmm. So I asked our helper to cook the steak, fry me onion rings, and make me scrambled eggs (which are my fave quick meal!). I, on the other hand, took a quick shower and turned on my computer, ready to watch the latest episode of GG. YAY! 

Of course, our helper pan-fried me the onion rings. When I meant deep-fry! But I gobbled all the pan-fried ones with gusto, too! CARAMELY :D

Our helper, Ate Beth, is the best deep-frier ever. She makes the best (albeit oiliest) fried eggs, french fries, fried fish, fried tofu, and fried onion rings!!! :D So good. Crunchy on the outside and sweet and juicy on the inside! I whipped up my fave FAST dip-- real mayonnaise (i HATE fake mayo), garlic, kalamansi juice!!! 

Soulmate of Mr Onion Rings

and of course I had to have my OJ too! Freshly squeezed, healthy and PULPY! 

OJ + Onion ring s+ Tartar dip= Menage a trois made in heaven!
So THERE! This is what happiness looks like. It is orange juice, steak, eggs with lots of Tabasco, onions galore, a quiet, peaceful house all to yourself for a few hours, and your favorite TV show.

Happiness is also (here I begin to wax dramatic, hahaha) :
A little sister who fixes up your bed for you every night
A mom who loves you and buys you books and encourages you to read
A dog that adores you and follows you around everywhere
A beautiful grandmother who thinks you're beautiful
The promise of better days

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