Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Weekend breakfast

I love weekends. Weekends are my time to stretch out my legs and stay asleep and read and spend time with friends and family!! They are also my time to be a pig!

Last Saturday, seeing as I had LUXURIOUS time in my hands, I decided to make myself a pleasant breakfast! Most of my breakfasts are eaten out of tupperware, with tiny utensils (i am pleased to inform you, however, that aforementioned utensils still match, regardless of size), in a quickly moving beat-up car. My brother hates it when I eat in "his" car and he nags me to death about it.

Anyway! Going back to Saturday, we had some kesong puti from my dad's friend in Laguna, and it was raining softly outside, so I decided it was perfect time for hot chocolate and bread and cheese! :) OH YEAH.

As I've said, I love hot chocolate. Said love is so great that I've learned to make it myself, and make it WELL! I am not a fan of those pussy, weak, watery hot chocolates (I think hot chocolate is like personality-- it better be strong and lively or might as well be DEAD!! I hate people with no personality. They are like snakes... I shouldn't be derailing from my topic), they are AWFUL. I don't even allow my MILO to be watery. I put tons of tablespoonfuls of Milo into my Milo in (slightly futile) attempts to make it thick. But Milo isn't really hot chocolate, so Milo's excused.

Here's how I make my hot chocolate (it is the THICKEST and RICHEST you will ever taste):
-As many tablespoonfuls of Hershey's unsweetened cocoa as you like
-As much sugar/Stevia/Equal as you like
-Milk, be it lowfat, full cream, condensed. You can even put cream.
-Hot water

I love cooking/baking, but I must say I cook/bake like a man! I only make stews (wherein you just toss things into a huge pot and let simmer for hours) and bake roasts (wherein you toss things into a pan and shove it into the oven for hours). I'm lazy and love things that require minimal effort but give the best returns. My mom hates this trait in me, but I say, if it works... :) As you can expect from someone who is lazy, my recipe's for lazy people too!

So here's what to do:
-Get a metal pan and put it on low heat.
-Put the sugar and cocoa into the pan and mix them QUICKLY. Do not let them burn!
-Add a bit of hot water, just to make them into a thick liquid. NOT A PASTE!
-Mix QUICKLY (i told you, i cook like a man) and make sure it's all mixed up together nice and even
-Add the milk/cream! At this point you should lower the heat even more
-Time to be a girl-- stir gently and slowly!

*Note: because of the milk, it won't be a deep dark brown color as what you'd expect from Spanish chocolate. But it will taste just as chocolatey!

Probably the simplest, easiest, and most down-to-earth hot chocolate recipe ever, right?

Though I cook like a man, I am no lesbian. Observe: the pretty teacup and saucer!

Moving on, to the rest of the meal I had planned!

It was a pleasure to unwrap the kesong puti. Under layers and layers of glossy green banana leaf is this perfectly plump and fluffy bit of cheese!! I cut some nice, lush, fat slices and toasted rye bread to go with it!

Perfect kesong puti (translated: white cheese) all wrapped up in a pretty banana leaf!

Oh baby.
I hope this makes you want to marry me

Beautiful breakfast plus the Saturday paper (bad news, but I only read the lifestyle sections. I mean, why make yourself sad?)...

... makes for a very happy and fat girl! :)

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