Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mother Chu's Taiwanese Gourmet and What Not.

It's the kind of morning that lasts all afternoon. Yes, that's one of the lines to Why Georgia by John Mayer. I've been listening to John Mayer too much lately, his voice is just wonderful. I'm in love with him. So anyway, that's what I'm making out of today.

For lunch, my friend and I went over to Mamak at Haymarket to hopefully be blessed by their scrumptious roti. But we got there a few minutes too late and lunch service was over. Argh. We then headed to Mother Chu's Taiwanese Gourmet. I've dined at there before, I remember liking it because it's very rustic and homy. So in we went, we hurriedly ordered because our stomachs were rumbling because of all the walking and shopping. 

So this picture is obviously not mine! I forgot to take one! So for the sake of having a rough idea what the place looks like, I googled an image. And I reckon the name is just so cute and welcoming isn't it?:)

Pan-fried dumplings

The dumplings were really really porky! I enjoyed them very much! If the dumpling skin was slightly crunchier it would have made a HUGE difference! 

Spring Onion Pancake
The spring onion pancake wasn't my favorite thing. It was really doughy and lacked spring onions! I like my pancakes loaded with them sweet spring onions!

Pork ribs with Black Bean Sauce
It's no secret that I absolutely adore black bean, I especially love the combo with fish. But in this case, it tasted divine with the pork ribs. The pork ribs were chewy and at times it got quite slippery to handle but it that didn't hamper me at all with my eating!

Stir-fry Beef Noodles 
May I just say that I ordered this by mistake? I had some noodles that were just mind-blowing the last time that I've been there and I thought this was it! OH SNAP! But it was nevertheless good! The beef was well-seasoned. And the noodles was just cooked right.

Roasted Brown Rice Milk Tea with Grass Jelly and Pearls
What Asian meal would be complete without Chatime? This is absolutely one of those things that I love! They use real tea, unlike the other poser places that use powders and things alike!

Some random pictures that I took and thought they were definitely worth sharing. The ones of the flowers were taken in Darling Harbour. The color of the flowers were so striking and they really caught my eye. I just couldn't resist taking a photo of these pretty little beauties. The last photo was taken when we were crossing the street, and the sun was just shining brilliantly on the buildings. It was gorgeous.

Mother Chu's Taiwanese Gourmet
Shop 1, 8688 Dixon St 
Haymarket NSW

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