Monday, September 27, 2010

Marrickville Organic Farmer's Market

Marrickville Farmer's Market
This was definitely one of those unexpected trips for me. Me and my friends headed to Marrickville to visit Reverse Garbage. It's basically a huge warehouse where you could find all sorts of weird and neat stuff! Some of the things are defective and some are second hand. We went there so that we could gather materials for the next spiffy project in design studio.

As we entered the complex of Reverse Garbage, apparently there was a market going on. Markets get me so excited- MORE THAN ANYTHING! So anyway, to make the story short, after we bought materials for the project, we wandered around the farmer's market. There was Gozleme, Mexican Wraps, fruit and veg vendors, a Chai Tent, a coffee stall, an olive stall, and plenty others! And then we bought food and beverages then spent the remainder of the afternoon sitting on the curb talking and munching away.

Mexican Wraps for the late lunch!
My lunch- Mexican Veg Wrap with a Chili Cola
I reckon this could possibly be the best mex food I've had in Sydney! There just aren't any epic authentic places- SADLY. The wrap really packed a punch. It was refreshing cause of the fresh veggies, mainly tomato and lettuce. The veggie sort of stew I would call it was packed with flavor, the whole thing was oozing out the wrap, I'm not kidding! TWO THUMBS UP!:) The chlli cola on the other hand was outrageously different! I never liked chili in the past, but these days, I'm just becoming more and more of a chili freak. The cola had that hint and tang of caramel- it's lovely! The chili factor comes in after you've gulped the drink, the heat races down your throat. After a whole bottle, the chili was racing up my nose- not a good thing, sniff.

Cute cupcakes that my friend baked
As for desert, my friend baked some cupcakes and she was generous enough to share them! It's a chocolate chunk cupcake with strawberry icing!:)

Lemon Pepper Macadamia Nuts
I have come to like my nuts- don't take that the wrong way. Walking through more of the stalls in the market, I came across one that was selling nuts and dried fruit! There was heaps and heaps to choose from, probably around 5 varieties for macadamia alone! I'm too much of a sucker to let it pass, I just had to have some! I really liked these. They were acidic and peppery which cut the butteriness of the macadamia really well! I wish I bought more, I really do.

And that pretty much sums up my Sunday afternoon!:) Oh, pardon the bad photography, I used my phone to take the pictures!:)

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