Thursday, September 2, 2010

I love my Golden Gaytime

Last Sunday, I went to the grocery and my grandmother gave me money to buy WHATEVER I want. I've already planned that I'll start my diet this week, so that night, I exercised a buttload of self-control- I'm not kidding. I usually love going to the grocery, checking out what's new and goodies that are on SPECIALS! Aisle after aisle, I avoided Tim Tams, Tiny Teddies, Old Gold, Green & Black's, Red Rock Deli, Grain Waves, and heaps others!

Anyway, just before we headed to the counter, we passed by the frozen food section, and there it was, SPECIAL: 4 for $20 on the Cadbury Ice Cream Selection! Who on earth could turn down an offer like that? This is where everything just FAILED MISERABLY. Despite 4 boxes of Cadbury Ice Cream, I just had to have a box of Golden Gaytime.

Biscuit Studded Goodness
Golden Gaytime is incomparable. It's a classic and has been around since the 50's. It has creamy vanilla ice cream enveloped in a layer of toffee ice cream. It is then dipped in chocolate- nothing delivers that same snap the way chocolate coated goodies do. Finally, a generous sprinkling of crunchy biscuit pieces. HOW DELIGHTFUL. 

I'd eat them everyday, I don't think I'd ever get sick of them. But of course, that won't happen since I'm fat enough to begin with! I had 2 sticks of Golden Gaytime, and that has been it for me! But it's more likely that it's just two sticks, FOR NOW. Oh, I didn't touch any of the Cadbury Ice Cream! Self-Control.


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