Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy Chef at Sussex Centre

My homework is pilled way over my head at the moment, but there's so much I want to say, so many things I want to blog about. So, I'll try to make this as brief as I can? TRY.

Nothing compares to THIS.
My grandfather just absolutely adores this small noodle soup place in the city. He's well over 70 and yet, each and every time he comes to Australia, he makes it to a point to have at least a meal at this place. Each and every time after he has his Satay Noodle Soup with Seafood, he is as happy as a man can be. And seeing him that happy, just makes my day!:)

I used to just tag along for the sake of it, but time after time, I have came to enjoy it as much as my grandfather. I just can't deny it, they have good noodle soup.  First few times that I've been there, I would just go for the obvious choice- wonton noodle soup with a clear beef broth. It's a safe choice and it rarely goes wrong. Last year however, I tried their Laksa cause my mum had a bowl and I just went in and slurped a couple of spoonfuls. It was nevertheless, brilliant. In the past, I've never attempted to order the Laksa because I'm just a coward when it comes to spicy things, not that it was overwhelmingly spicy.

Thas love, RIGHT THERE
Anyway, it was soooooo good, and I've been ordering it from then on. I always have the Wonton Laksa with Egg Noodles. They have fantastic noodles that are just cooked, chinese al dente style, weird, I know. The broth is the highlight of the whole dish, the appearance is slightly oily but it has a dark yellowy- orange color that is just brilliant. The blend of spices that they incorporate into the soup is impeccable. I've never had anything that was balanced as well as this. It's a beauty. Each and every time I have it, it's like I already know what to expect since I have it quite often, but it just tends to surprise me every single time, it's like better than I was anticipating. It's that good. The wontons aren't fantastic, fantastic but they're some sort of match made in heaven with the soup.

Of all the places I've had Laksa at, this is my favorite, no questions asked. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

This dish is just perfect for those cold winter days wherein you just want to fill your belly and hop in bed with your ultra warm quilt. I repeat, PERFECT.

Happy Chef Seafood Noodle House
Shop F3 401 
Sussex Center
Sussex St

Okay, now on with my homework. Measure, draw, line, sketch, visualize, where was I? HAHAHA.

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