Friday, September 10, 2010

Nothing Short of Fantastic

It's one of those days that's just ordinary and yet packed with happiness in the simplest ways.

The highlight of my breakfast.
It's never to early for curried potatoes.
It started off with breakfast, I was quite indecisive today, I didn't know what to eat. I finally decided on toast and jam cause I was being lazy. Which jam? Would it be the Orange Marmalade with Lime? Or the Fig & Chocolate? I went for the Fig & Chocolate, 1 slice of wholemeal bread or two? Anyway, YOU get the picture. It took me around 10 minutes just to figure out what I wanted to eat. I had a slice of toast with Fig & Chocolate Jam plus some leftover potato samosas. 

WORK TIME. Everybody was especially cheery at work today and the customers weren't much of a pain. Even though it's a Thursday, the cafe wasn't as packed as it usually is! But of course, there's my croc-face (crocodile face) boss that makes everything absolutely BAD. She likes to lecture and yell at people because she thinks she's just BRILLIANT.  She never listens to people's explanations and she just keeps repeating what she already said. BORING, I just nod my head but deep inside, oh, you have no idea how much I would want to punch her. On top of that, she has red highlights and a fobby (fresh-off-the-boat/ che kwa)accent, how much more annoying could she get? But at the end of the day, I get my pay and tips, and THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS.

The rainbow that was so enchanting, I just stared for ages and smiled up to my ears.
After work, my dad, grandfather and I headed to Reverse Garbage. Yes, I know it sounds gross, but they're just scrap pieces from industrial areas. I get to save heaps more going to places like those instead of buying fresh material from the store. And if I get to save money, boy, I'm in. I got to buy my materials for my next project, YES!:) On the way home, traffic was pretty bad since it was rush hour, it was drizzling outside but the sunset still proved to be impeccably beautiful. While stopped at the stoplight, I saw a RAINBOW. It was beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. It made my day. Whenever I see a rainbow, there's no way that I'd have a frowning face. It was the ultimate highlight of my day! 

Preshafruit Apple & Passionfruit, this might just be my new favorite one!
The passionfruit was so subtle and yet it gave such complexity!
Since it's Thursday, late night shopping it is. We headed to Ikea to buy some stuff for the ongoing construction here at home. I love Ikea and their Swedish Meatballs. My cousin and I didn't stay long though, we headed to the grocery and bought some junk. I spotted the new Preshafruit and instantly grabbed it!:)

My Lamb Shank Stew with Mash Potato, the perfect way
to bid the harsh winter goodbye and say hello to spring!:)
Dinner time, earlier this morning I put together my Lamb Shank Stew. It's the first time that I was going to attempt this recipe and I decided to wing it. :) I browned the meat, threw this and that into the pot and I let the LOOOOOOOONG cooking process begin. Turned out aisdufjaslkjbf GOOD. I made some mashed potato as well, because Braised Lamb Shanks just wouldn't be complete without mash!:) Recipe will be up soon!:)

And now, I'm skyping with my loves as I'm typing, is there a better way to end this day? I doubt it!:)

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