Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Last Meal: Food Faves

Some memories from childhood include beaches, playgrounds, meat pies, and fish & chips. There were a lot of fish & chips because my parents owned a fish & chip shop in Manly. When my parents were working, I would just be there watching the cooks make batches of fish & chips! I'd often snag a mouthful or two! It's something that's nostalgic and close to my heart indeed. Each time that I go to Manly, the memories just keep rushing back to me. Sad to say, in my opinion, there isn't a nice fish & chip shop there these days.  So, for the best fish& chips, I head directly to the source, the Sydney Fish Market.

Peter's Fish Market

The Fisherman's Basket accompanied
by Charlie's Honest Juice
The fish market is such an interesting place to be. So many restaurants and shops to see & try. My favourite happens to be Peter's! It's the first place that I've tried when I first went to the fish market and I've been going there ever since. I always tend to get the same thing every single time, the Fisherman's Basket. It has pieces of beer-battered fish, crumbed calamari, chips! At $11, it's one of the best deals you'll ever find!

The fish was cooked to perfection, it was smoking hot when I got it, and boy, I have to tell you, it was absolutely grand. It was flaky and moist. The calamari was very much tender, but once it got cold had that tendency of getting hard. The chips were mediocre compared to the other contents of the meal. It was soggy, I was so sad because I'm such a sucker for hot crispy chips. I usually have some sashimi and oysters but I was definitely bloated after the Fisherman's basket and I couldn't pack in anymore. And after all, my friend and I had a whole lot of other foodie places to go to!

The Manly Bakery

Assuming that I'm really dying, I'd definitely pack in some meat pie after my fish & chips. Meat pie from the one and only Manly Bakery. It's a small bakery sort of hidden in the back streets of Manly, but boy do they know how to make good meat pie! My favourite would be the beef, cheese, and tomato pie. The cheese is blended in with the beef and it creates just the best sauce ever. The meat is in form of mince and small strips which is a good variety to have. The tomato rings are placed on top of the meat, it is very much soft and melted. And all these goodies are enclosed in a very pleasant pastry. It's more flaky and less brown than I remembered, but is, nevertheless, great. My friend had a vegetarian pizza, it had tomato, olives, onions, cheese, and peppers! He said it was tasty.

Beef, Cheese and Tomato Pie
scrumptious inside view
My friend's vegetarian pizza

These were a few of the things that I had yesterday on a food trip with my friend! We walked for ages through rainy and crazy windy weather but it was definitely some experience!:)

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