Friday, September 3, 2010

The Way to Start September Right!

Perfect Lunch- Roast Beef Roll with Preshafruit Juice

It's been a few days into September already and I haven't really been eating the way I would want to cause I'm on my self-created diet and it's proving to be effective! So I'm happy nevertheless! Back to starting September right, as I may have mentioned before, I always grab something scrumptious to eat every Friday lunch since it's the end of the stressful week and I deserve it. On today's menu, Roast Beef Roll with Caramelized Onions and Extra Gravy. I just came across this website that displays Sydney's 10 Best Sandwiches and this happens to be second on the list! What's even better is it's located at the foodie's mecca, the David Jones Foodhall. I head to the Foodhall quite often, the variety of food that they have there is astounding. They have all the good stuff- Valrhona Chocolate, Harrod's Tea, Truffle Oils, and the other hard to find goodies. On top of that, they have oyster, grill, juice, cheese& antipasto, and gelato bars. If that doesn't count as heaven, then I don't know what does.

Anyway, the queue for the carvery was long. I mean, I wouldn't be shocked if it was actually lunch time, it was beyond lunch time, I arrived at 3! I was definitely banking on it to be shockingly good. While waiting in line, my mouth was watering. There were all these different roasted meats just shining on the food counter. The man in front of me was ordering kept repeating to the server that he wanted roast pork with crackling and applesauce. And when the server asked him if he wanted pepper, he said with crackling, with crackling, I wonder how many times he said crackling, I lost count. I on the other hand was so excited to order, I ended up saying:"Roast beef on onion gravy roll" What a FAIL. 

Roast Beef Roll:)
Onto the taste test, the aroma was exhilarating, it was very peppery and savoury. The appearance is rustic and the beef is just overwhelming as it drops out of the roll, it's really really inviting. The bread has a bite to it, and it's not one of those rolls that scratch your palate as you eat. The roast beef is crazy tender and flavourful and the caramelized onions have a sweet vibe and just melt in your mouth. The gravy is the ultimate hero, it has hints of rosemary and thyme and is gorgeously rich. The bread was flaking apart because of all that extra gravy. It's ecstasy. 

Epic bread, note: the black bits are pepper.

And now that I've finished writing this post, I'm craving for another roast beef roll. In my opinion, this might just be the best $9.95 I've ever spent. Yes, I would choose it over the Wagyu Beef Burger by Becasse. The Wagyu burger has more of a value for money but this one is just nostalgic and uplifting.

What's in store for tomorrow? A massive food adventure.

David Jones Food Hall
65-77 Market Street
Sydney, NSW

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