Monday, June 20, 2011

Bar Dolci Macarons

I've just finished uploading a squillion pairs of my shoes onto eBay* and so now I'm rewarding myself by letting myself skip all over my backlog onto something I actually ate just this morning.**

Hmmm. White box.

WOW! White box contains tasty macarons!!!***

Raspberry, dark chocolate, and vanilla (if you peer closely enough, you can see the tiny vanilla bean flecks!!!)

My siblings and I cut them into quarters, and share! So we get to taste everything****

The green quarter is OLIVE, which was really, really, really awesome. To the right is Ferrero, then Dark Chocolate, then Vanilla, then Salted Caramel with Milk Chocolate, then Raspberry.

I really recommend Bar Dolci's macarons! They are SO good. I actually like them more than the one, sole macaron I had from Laduree (but more on that later). We also tried Blueberry Cheesecake, Green Tea, Plain Salted Caramel. I suggest you try them all. :) I can't wait to go back and try their ice cream and their scones. YUM.


PS they go for 50 pesos a pop, buy 4 take 1.

*I'm really, really, really busy now and my schedule is really, really, really, really FULL so I need all the serenity, peace, and organization I can have. Therefore, I am having a full blown closet clean out, and it all goes to eBay! :) I realized that I only wear 5-6 pairs of my shoes, and everything else is just, like, for display. Which is ridiculous and a waste of space. I really need serenity!!! I swear, I am going to start doing yoga again tomorrow. I actually can't wait to manage to get some quiet, peaceful relaxation via exercise!!!

**this really IS rewarding for me, because writing about something you ate a squillion years ago is not quite as fun as writing about something you ate this morning. :D 

***Last night, there were a lot more. But we ate them. Heehee.

****And more importantly, not become extremely fat

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