Thursday, June 2, 2011

Falling in Love with Israel

It was love at first sight. 

It's pretty amazing how quickly things changed across the border from Egypt to Israel. It was like there was suddenly magic in the air!* It was just like finding my one true love – all it took was one stunning, heartbreaking smile, through which the light of a million and one suns shone!** Israel was so beautiful. It is almost my new favorite country.***

The view from the hotel room

And another. This one's of the beautiful pool in the hotel

And another (Are you in love already?)

And this is my favorite!

It was so beautiful! And the weather was like nowhere else in the world. It was neither humid nor dry, and it was just perfectly cool. And all the people were incredibly beautiful! I was wont to find someone with an oversized, witchy nose, or someone who looked even faintly like an ogre, or someone who was cross-eyed. Everyone was so unbelievably gorgeous – all the girls were blonde and skinny and long-legged, and all the men were dashing with striking eyes and tall noses and big smiles.

And here we have the toiletries in the bathroom (I think bathrooms say a lot about hotels, just like smiles say a lot about people).

And here was the mains I had, during my first dinner in Israel – the most amazing grilled chicken, grilled vegetables (which I just loooove) and fish!

Cream of broccoli soup

Beef balls, more chicken, and buttery rice.

I just need to say that the dinner was amazingly wonderful and delicious and healthy (although I'm pretty, pretty, pretty sure I overate) and the ambience was really relaxed and clean (so I felt safe about the food) and the hotel was just really nice and I was absolutely happy. I am so excited to tell you more about Israel and show you more of the sights! :)  It was truly an amazing, blessed place!****


*I sound ridiculous but hey, that's how it felt.
**Haha even more ridiculous
***Almost! But HK is still number 1. Read some of my ravings about HK here and here and here and here!!
****And I fully intend to visit again, and again, and again

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