Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dinner/Breakfast at the Ramada Hotel, Israel

Of all the hotels we stayed in, we stayed the longest at the Ramada Hotel. We ate buffet breakfasts and buffet dinners and it was all very fattening. Here was a typical Ramada dinner:

Awesome baby potatoes (like no other potatoes I've tasted – as I've said, there's something magical about Israel).

Stuffed bread rolls

Penne and tomato sauce

Fish and beef

And here's how they look like on a PLATE!

Salad greens and cold eggplant

For dessert: chocolate mousse, rhum balls, ice cream 

And of course, I'm a REAL pig so after dessert I went back for MORE beef and potatoes. EEP. And I wonder why I gained SO much weight?

And here is the typical  Ramada breakfast plate: eggs, eggs, and more eggs (in a variety of incarnations)

Cold salads

Awesome bread – I like my bread thick, crusty, seed-y, and nutty. YUM

Even more egg, even more bread, some baked potatoes, and 1/4 of a pancake

Chocolate croissants, oat bread, and salted fish. Yes, this was all a typical breakfast for me – I ate that much. :( This is why I'm almost looking forward to school, as I'm pretty sure I'll drop all the weight because I'll be so busy running from class to class to class to internship and back to class!


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