Saturday, June 4, 2011

Finally, Proper Breakfast

Okay, GUESS!
This is my first proper breakfast after a hangover what felt like the longest week. It's been a one of meeting deadlines, handing in papers and projects, and presentations. I haven't gotten more sleep than 4-5 hours in a day as well, oh, and on the last day, I just had 2 hours of shuteye. I was practically a zombie yesterday.*

Today I woke up to a beautiful morning. The annoying screech of my alarm was nowhere to be heard, it was just peaceful with the occasional noise of a few cars humming by every now and then. I sat in bed for a while just reading, and reading. After a while, I got hungry, and decided to make myself a nice breakfast.

There was a pot of luscious Greek yogurt in the fridge, there was no way that I could pass that up. I fried up some rolled oats, and dribbled in some honey- ola, crunchy oats. Then, I sliced up some kiwis. A tasty, not to mention healthy breakfast was born.

Now that I've had breakfast, and maybe a spoonful two, or three of dessert, I'm in the best mood. Heading to the gym in a few will do wonders.


Ps. I just thought that I'd share some music with you. It's an Australian band called Oh Mercy. I think they're bloody awesome. I've particularly been hooked to this track for like the whole week already.


Come on honey I
Really needed you
Isn't it funny how I
Know you need me too
You're really lucky I'm
Slightly into you

* After taking a long hot shower, my cousin commented that I still had eyeliner on, I had to correct her and say: Dear, those are my eye bags, not kidding.

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