Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sometimes, Party Like a 5 Year Old.

Sometimes, my friends and I party like rockstars 5 year olds. No, we didn't do extremely stupid stuff. We just celebrated my friend's 21st with 5 year old party food! No drinks drinks, it's pure 5 year old party junk! It was so nice loosening up, and it was sort of a sem-ender.

How could you live without strawberry clouds, 
gummy worms, and marshmallows? 
Oh wait, the more appropriate question is 
how could you live without 

What would a party be without fairy bread?

And there were frankfurters!

Monica baked up some teeny tiny cupcakes.

And I made some heavenly snickerdoodles!

Chips are a staple.

Mister celebrant with his lovely girly.

Pies are not to be missed.
They are Aussie grub in my opinion.

There's the 'ol barbie. 
Well, indoor barbie.

And now they're nice and charred,

Our empty cups.
More drinks please.

Maybe we did act a little bit like 5 year olds.
It was all good fun!

*It's actually the first post on this blog!

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