Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Four Ate Five, Surry Hills

I've had really time-pressed few days this week, plus, hardly any sleep last night. I'm not in the best mood, I was all panicky and all over the place this morning. I feel like all I want is my mother. I sound like a freaking 5 year old now. That is a tad pathetic. But anyway, let's skip to the point- Four Ate Five!

Four Ate Five has been crowned Sydney's Best Cafe by Timeout Magazine. It's a really simple, homy, feel good cafe, nothing showy or pretentious. It's the type of place where I could stay the whole afternoon reading a book, or writing a blog post. I went with my friends, and we just chilled. Which was just fantastic compared to the usual crazy chaotic fast pace that we are in.*

The lunch menu seemed really appealing, but we've already had lunch at Charlie & Co. Burgers. Personally, I just wanted a nice mug of coffee.** But it would be totally harmless if I had a small snack to have with it.***

Mini Banana Loaf!

I really wanted a chocolate croissant, butter-laden, and completely sinful. Just like 2 bites though. But they didn't have any of those. And being the banana freak I am, I opted for banana loaf with cinnamon butter. The butter was amazing, I know it's simple making cinnamon butter, but when you get it right, boy, you hit the spot. It was thoroughly spiced with cinnamon and it was just shining through ever so epicly. The portion size of the banana loaf was perfect, but it might just need a little more banana through it. Otherwise, it was the perfect afternoon tea snack to have.

Don't you think it looks a tad retro?

The coffee was great. I'll tell you the truth, I was so preoccupied chatting with my friends that I just breezed through the whole mug. Without making other evaluations of it. By the way, they serve organic/ fairtrade coffee. That just makes the world a better place.

Rory had the carrot cake with a lemon frosting. I love my lemon (more about that here). But carrot cake with lemon frosting, no, just doesn't do it for me. Carrot cake is just bliss with perfect cream cheese icing, and that's what I reckon should've been on it. Nevertheless, the carrot cake was well spiced, extremely pungent ( in the best way) with cinnamon and nutmeg.

Sarita had some mint tea which was basically fresh mint leaves muddled in hot water. It was really light and amazingly soothing.

I'm bound to head back to Four Ate Five. I love it. And perhaps, I could have a gorgeous lunch with their famous juices or smoothies too.

And.. the table piece.
Lovely orchids.
Ps. The pictures were put through instagram, aren't they grand? Thank you, Sarita!:)

Four Ate Five

485 Crown Street,
Surry Hills,

02 9698 6485 

* Fast-paced except for Sarita.

**Never have the instant stuff, yeah? I think it's repulsive. Especially those 3-in-1 ones, they scream highschooler, all-nighter, and pretender. Once you have amazingly brewed coffee, you'll never look back.

*** You must be thinking, oh the calories though or something like that. But, it was after all my cheat day, might as well take advantage of it. 

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  1. you just need to try their pancakes next time ;) Been there twice for it and both times were "today's special", not in the menu. cheers


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