Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Charlie & Co. Burgers, Westfield Sydney

Is change good? I reckon it is. Without change, there wouldn't be any spice in life. Yes, I agree that it's nice to have something stable, but how does life move forward if we just stick to one thing? Change is the only constant.

There's been a change of pace in my life recently. Cause now it's "study period", and I suddenly find myself having time on my hands to do things that I actually like/love. I get to go out and hang with friends, chow down a meal or two, or just have a nice cuppa coffee. I've been getting the ultimate busting gym sessions. Also, the appropriate amount of sleep. It's terrific- relaxing and heck of a good time altogether. But of course, that burden of studying still remains. 6 more days until my official freedom, and 8 until my vacation.

Charlie & Co. in Westfield
On the coldest day that Sydney has experienced so far during this year, my friends and I decided to go out. We didn't have any plans in particular, we just wanted a nice fun maybe lazy afternoon.After meeting at the Apple store and marvelling at the new iPad 2*, we decided to grab lunch at Charlie & Co. I was expecting grand things since the place is owned by Justin North. Justin North is the brilliant mind behind Plan B and their cheapo $10 Wagyu Beef Burger. Love it.

The menu plastered on the wall.
I wasn't a big fan of how they put them up.
Yeah, sometimes I do feel the need to have an
opinion about everything.

Chefs working in the kitchen

And ze dining area.
I was expecting more items on their menu. It was quite limited, but from what I've heard, they know what they're doing- it's a specificity sort of thing. When it comes to burgers, I never go for chicken, it's either beef or lamb. And after narrowing it down to those two, I'd most likely go for whatever seems more "out there".

The Rustic Chorizo Classic- $16
Beef pattie infused with smoked paprika, chorizo,
rocket, topped with soft peppers, and fried egg.

This time around, I had a tad bit of a hard time deciding if I wanted the Chili Crab Burger or the Chorizo one. But then, I was unquestionably in the mood for beef, so chorizo burger it was! My whole expectation of the burger was that it would be slightly spicy and it would be topped off with slightly burnt chorizo chunks. What turned up was a greatly meaty patty with some flavorless mayo, two fat chunks of chorizo, and a fried egg. The burger was frankly a bit of a disappointment, especially compared to Plan B.

Classic Fried Chicken- $16
Served with iceberg lettuce, tomato,
and herb and garlic mayonnaise.

Someone obviously took a big bite.

The New Yorker- $12
Grilled sirloin, tomatoes, onion, cheddar,
with spiced tomato relish and aioli on baguette.
My friends had better experiences with their burgers though. The chicken one was succulent, tender, and  well seasoned. That's what my friend said, or something around the lines of that. And my other friend whom I'll refer to as Steak Lady** was silent the whole time. She fully scoffed down her sandwiches in minutes. She was quick, quick like a fox. I suppose it was that good then.

Parmesan and Truffle Fries- $8
My burger was a sad revelation, but the chips aka fries were just a Godsend. They're the posh-est chips in town. They were sprinkled with parmesan and each bite of it would give you that meaty truffle flavor. It was obviously from truffle oil rather from shaved truffle cause that would just be outrageously expensive. I could eat serving after serving of this. But they're carbs. Fried carbs in fact that would make me F-A-T.


Charlie & Co. Burgers

Level 5, Westfield Sydney
Cnr. Market & Castlereagh St.
Sydney, Australia

T: 8072 7777

* I know it's been out for a while. But gee, I'm in love with it. I better save up for one, it would make reading such a breeze.

** She loves steak unbelievably. Well, she's almost always craving for it.

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