Saturday, June 4, 2011

Breakfast, Masada, and Lunch

One of the things I've learned from life is that you gotta be a trooper. I think that the time in my life when this was really drilled into my head was when I visited Chloe in Sydney and she made me walk to the gym (in 17 degree weather) and exercise, and then made me walk elsewhere (at the speed of 8 km per hour) for a long, long, long, long time. My knees were screaming and so was I! Being friends with Chloe has really made me a stronger person, literally! Kidding. (Or only half-kidding).

Anyway, I managed to put all my endurance/trooper powers to good use during the Holy Land trip, because it required walking and climbing and waking up really early. (but don't take this the wrong way, because it was BEYOND WORTH IT – especially the breakfast).

So here's what I had for breakfast on the first day I was in Israel. Here we have eggs baked in cheese and tomato sauce, and cheesecake thing (yes, they had that at breakfast).

And here we have the most awesome omelet. I don't know if I only found it awesome because the line for it was so long or because it was really awesome. I'm guessing both factors contribute to its awesomeness! It had onions and cheese in it and was wonderfully fried. For such a normal thing (omelet), it really was good. That's what I meant when I said there was magic in Israel, because there really was. The bread was also TO DIE FOR. In fact, the bread was the best part of the breakfasts there. They had a whole selection of whole grain bread (and also white ones) and a couple of huge jars full of jam, nutella, honey... I was in heaven.

And here we have some salted fish and cheese. The Hebrews do not eat pork (so there was not a strip of bacon in sight) and do not eat milk products with beef (also in line with being kosher) so this was the closest thing there was to something meaty during breakfast. Pretty good! And all their cheeses were excellent.

And here we have yogurt – good, but nothing compares to the Jalna yogurt in Australia!

And on we go to the museum – some squillion year old coins

And the gorgeousness of Masada. There's a movie about Masada called Masada (haha) which I fully intend to watch once I have a bit more spare time. Masada has a really awesome story which you can read about here. It gave me goosebumps when our tour guide told us the story!

And this is my brother and sister, hohoho

And this is me

And this is some remnants of the beautiful decorations the Romans made for their bath areas. This is the actual thing! Is this not awesome?

Sauna system made by the Romans. Those Romans were pretty darn smart!

Two crows (I am starting to find my captions to be ridiculously obvious)

And my annoying brother being an annoying ham

And the flag of Israel. Mabuhay!

And here is what we had for lunch, stuffed pitas. This one's chicken schnitzel

Falafel with fries and hummus (but the falafels are hiding)

And another chicken schnitzel with fries. They have the best chicken schnitzels – well duh, they invented them

Pretty rock formation things (yes, I know that sounds stupid)

And some gorgeous scenery on the way back. I love Israel!

Got to go scurry off because my breakfast is waiting. Hoho!


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