Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fairy Bread

Yes, that is actually me at a lovely picnic years ago!
When I was young, and I went to some fantastic preschool, we'd have picnics with vegemite sandwiches, sausage rolls, mini pizzas, jello, marshmallows, and fairy bread.

Some people call in freckle bread, but freckle bread? Really? That just doesn't sound sooo nice, agree? Fairy bread sounds a gagillion times better. And it's a name that's obviously suiting for kids. But don't be fooled, fairy bread is not just for kids. It's for everybody. You'd be amazed how much my friends loved it. It wasn't the way it tasted, or the colorful sprinkles, it was more of the memories that came flashing back once I took a bite. I sound a bit dramatic now. Okay.

So, time for fairy bread making.

Hard at work in the kitchen.
1. Gather your friends together. It's more fun to make fairy bread together. And you'd have people to help you clean up the mess afterwards too. haha. 

2. Get some bread, cut off the crusts. Little kids don't like crusts. I've got to say fairy bread is better without the crusts too, so do as I say.

Hey butter, butter, HEY!

3. Smear some butter on the bread. The more butter... the merrier? What?

4. Cut your bread equally into 4 triangles. They are the perfect size.

5. Douse them with hundreds and thousands aka. colorful sprinkles.

A plate full of lovely fairy bread!
6. Try to your best ability to arrange them beautifully on a plate. Then brace yourselves for the swarm of people that will be attacking that plate.

We actually had 2 plates full of fairy bread.
They all went quickly.
That was how to make fairy bread step by step! I was supposed to make a video with my friends but for some strange strange reason, I got shy. Yes, I, Chloe, got shy.

Anyhoo, happy fairy bread making!

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