Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hello, Jericho

I'm not going to pretend that I remember every single place we visited during the tour, because I certainly didn't! In lieu of educational descriptions, I will just entertain you with lovely pictures.

I do guarantee, though, that I remember the food really well. Here's what I had for breakfast the day we went to Jericho: scrambled eggs, baked cheesy potatoes, and more eggs baked in tomato sauce

And my bread plate. YUM. This is why I got fat.

And my cheese plate, with gorgeous peaches.

Beautiful trees – in Israel, their coconut trees grew beside pine trees. Amazing? I know.

Then we crossed over to Palestine to see Jericho. There was such a marked difference in environment.

 A peacock hanging outside the restaurant we were gonna eat in 

And here is where we had lunch

It was a buffet, and there was noodles, kebabs, and more rice

Clear vegetable soup

And perhaps one of the most awesome things I saw, the sycamore tree that Zacchaeus the tax collector climbed to have a better look at Jesus. It's supposed to be the ACTUAL tree. Hard to believe, I know, but our soon-to-be-famous tour guide, Ronnie Cohen, said so.

Back in beautiful Israel – I feel like I left my heart there!

Beside bougainvilleas – they always remind me of my late grandmother, and I always encounter them WHEREVER I travel!

A rosemary bush!! 

Beautiful ruins whose history I forgot (you gotta give me points for honesty!)

I'm off to exercise now! The heat makes me RESTLESS.


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