Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Pita Party

This was probably my favorite meal of the trip because it was so authentic. For ten dollars, you got to get a pita with either falafel or chicken schnitzel in it. You also got a drink of your choice, and salad galore!

Pita with falafel. I miss falafels already :(

Pita with schnitzel. I think it's necessary to mention that the pita was really chewy and warm and fresh and that the schnitzel was perfect juicy schnitzel-ness.

It gave a whole new meaning to Salad Bar. See how gorgeous the colors are?

Cucumbers, tomatoes, and bits of corn


Cucumber, sweet pepper salad

Fried cauliflower – COLD :(

Beautiful cherry tomatoes

In case you didn't know  – beets!

Olives (wonderfully fresh) and whole peppers.

Hummus!!! EXCELLENT.

TOMATO SAUCE. Also excellent.

Some sugary drinks to wash it all down

Then we dropped by the Mediterranean Sea to see remains of Roman aqueducts.

There was an ice cream truck! Perfect for the hot day.

And also some people selling clothes.

And here is my (greedy?) sister with her Crunch ice cream

Pretty good – milk chocolate ice cream with a milk chocolate shell and a large piece of chocolate inside!


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