Monday, June 6, 2011

Gorgeous Galilee

Are you the sort of person who likes beaches/seas/rivers? I am!

And so I really loved Galilee.

Here I am with some lovely mosaics

I think mosaics are BRILLIANT. We're going to move into our new house soon and I want my room to have s Byzantine taste.

More mosaic

Camels! So cute.

Beautiful waters

Well, duh

My pet monkey enjoying her boat ride

And my brother being the ham that he is

They raised the Philippine flag alongside Israel's. Fun fact: the Philippines held the deciding vote on whether the nation of Israel should be created again! Today, Pinoys traveling to Israel don't need visas.

This is where Jesus walked on water!!

Then we went to the boat museum

An actual two-thousand-year-old boat. COOL.

Equally old nails they found on the old boat

Then we went to this restaurant to have our St. Peter's fish lunch!


Pita bread


Fried St Peter's fish (from Galilee) with fries! Delicious. In the Philippines, we call this "tilapia" and eat it with liquid seasoning (Knorr) and calamansi (a small citrus fruit, reminiscent of lemon). My friend and busmate, Angel, knew that we were going to eat this fish and so brought along a bottle of Knorr!

And here we have THE ACTUAL REMAINS OF ST. PETER'S HOUSE!!!!!! Which was like, insanely cool. ST PETER WAS HERE! And I'm guessing Jesus must have visited him at least once?

And here we have an olive oil press!

And more ruins

And some more

And some more 

Aaaand some more! :)

Cheers and kisses,

P.S. 3748miles is turning one year old! I would like to thank (this is said in my oscar speech voice, haha! Please don't hate me for being such a wannabe!!) all you WONDERFUL READERS!! :D Please like our Page on Facebook so I can stalk you and find out more about you guys! We've been getting plenty of hits from the Philippines, Singapore, the US, and Australia! It's really amazing to think that people who aren't my close friends or my relatives are actually reading this blog and giving a hoot about what we have to say. I'd really like to know who you all are!! And again, THANK YOU!!! We love you!

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